July 15, 2016


We endorse the campaign for Housing Not Handcuffs. We agree that in order to end the crisis of homelessness, the criminalization of homelessness must end immediately. All persons experiencing homelessness should instead have access to affordable housing, education, health care, employment, income, and other opportunities and services that allow all to live with dignity. These are the only solutions to the crisis of homelessness from a moral, legal, fiscal, and policy perspective.


The Housing Not Handcuffs Campaign has been endorsed by many organizations and individuals across the country, including:

Public Officials

  • The Honorable Eric Holder, former U.S. Attorney General
  • Barbara Poppe, Former Executive Director of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness
  • Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams
  • City of Tallahassee Commissioner Gil Ziffer
  • Bridgeport City Council Member Scott Burns
  • NYC Council Member Stephen Levin
  • Vancouver City Council Member Ty Stober

National Organizations:

State, Regional and Local Organizations:

a Bigger Vision, LLC (Indianapolis, IN)*


Ali Forney Center (New York, NY)
Allard K. Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic (New Haven, CT)
ArchCity Defenders (Saint Louis, MO)
Baltimore Area Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau

Barrier Free Living (New York, NY)
BeLoved Asheville ( Asheville, NC)
Bill Wilson Center (Santa Clara, CA) 
BronxWorks (NY)
Burrito Brigade (Eugene, OR)
California Homeless Youth Project*
Cape Haven, Inc (Auburn, NY)
Care for the Homeless (New York, NY)
Care for the Homeless Consumer Advisory Board (New York, NY)
Caridad ( Las Vegas, NV)
Catholic Worker House (San Antonio, TX)
Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice (Cambridge, MA)
Cherished Angels (Philadelphia, PA)

Chicago Anti Eviction Campaign
Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless*
Chico ACLU (Chico, CA)

Citizens Education & Advocacy (Roseburg, OR)
Civil Liberties Defense Center (Eugene, OR)

Coalition on Homelessness (San Francisco, CA)
Collective Action for Safe Spaces (DC) 
Community Access (New York, NY)
Community Renewal Society (Chicago, IL)
Community Solutions (NY)*
Cup of Cool Water (Spokane, WA)

Denver Relief Consulting
Detroit Action Commonwealth*
Disability Rights Maryland
Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing (Dover, DE)

Elder Law and Disability Rights Center (Santa Ana, CA)
Eugene Human Rights Commission (Eugene, OR)*
Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network (Jobs With Justice) (Eugene, OR)
Fair Housing Justice Center (Long Island City, NY)
Family Tree House Assisted Living (Greenville, NC)
Florida Alliance for Consumer Protection
Florida Legal Services, Inc.
Four Freedoms Forum (Honolulu, HI)
Fox House (New York, NY)
Gravity Podcast ( San Francisco, CA)
Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition*
Harvard Law School Homelessness Coalition (MA)
Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (MA)
Health Care for the Homeless (MD)
Heartland Alliance (Chicago, IL)
Hearts Full of Grace Inc. (Virginia Beach, VA)
Helping Hands Development Center, Inc. (Wilmington, DE)
HerStory Ensemble (DE)*

Homeless & Hungry
Homeless & Housing Coalition of Kentucky
Homeless Persons Representation Project, Inc. (Baltimore, MD) 

Homeless Rights Advocacy Project (Seattle, WA)
Homeless Services United (New York, NY)
Homeless Voices of Redding 
Homeless Youth Law Clinic (Portland, OR)
Hope 4 Restoration (Anaheim, CA)

House of Hope (West Warwick, RI)*
House the Homeless Inc. (Austin, TX)*
Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere (Providence, RI)
Human Rights Advocates (Berkeley, CA)
I Am My Brother’s Helper, Inc (Waukegan, IL)
Inner City Law Center (CA)
Justia Agenda-Fordham University (NY)
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley (CA)

Law Office of Carol Sobel (Santa Monica, CA)
Law Office of William Kennedy (Elk Grove, CA)
Legal Aid Service of Broward County, Inc.
Loaves and Fishes Community (Duluth, GA)*

Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN)
Low Income Housing Institute (WA)
Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Inc.*

MFY Legal Services, Inc. (New York, NY) 

Mid-America Advocates

Miriam’s House

Mission in Citrus Inc. (Crystal River, FL)
Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MD)
Nazareth Housing Inc. (New York, NY)
New Jersey Coalition to End Homelessness
New Jim Crow Movement (Jacksonville, FL)*

New Jim Crow Movement (Vallejo, CA)
Ninth Circuit Public Defender (Charleston, SC)
Open Table Nashville
Operation Nightwatch – Portland
Parable of the Sower Intentional Community Cooperative (Jacksonville, FL)*

People Helping People Ministry and Outreach (San Diego, CA)
Peoples’ Institute for Housing Justice (Chicago, IL)
Picture the Homeless
Poly-Connection (Greenbrook, NJ)
Project Renewal, Inc. (New York, NY)
Propel Foundation, Inc. (DC)
Providence House Inc. (Brooklyn, NY)
Public Justice Center (Baltimore, MD)

Rankin & Taylor PLLC (New York, NY)

Refuge Ministries of Tampa Bay/International
Release Aging People in Prison (New York, NY)
Rick Vanstory Resource Center (Wilmington, DE) 

Root & Rebound (Oakland, CA)
Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness*
Sacred Heart Community Service (San Jose, CA)
Safer Foundation (Chicago, IL)
Safety Net Activists (New York, NY)

San Diego Housing Emergency Alliance (CA)
Santa Clara University – International Human Rights Clinic (CA)
Signs of Providence (Providence, RI)
Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing
Southern Legal Counsel (FL)*
St. Johns County Legal Aid ( St. Augustine, FL)
St. Joseph Services (Chicago, IL)
Street Democracy ( Detroit, MI)
Street Sense (Washington, DC)*
Street Sheet (San Francisco, CA)
Teen Living Programs (Chicago, IL)
TENAC (DC Tenants’ Advocacy Coalition (Washington, DC)
The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Mathew (Wilmington, DE)
The Institute for Family Health (New York, NY)
The Kearney Center (Tallahassee, FL)
The Osborne Association (Brooklyn, NY)
The Public Interest Law Project (Oakland, CA)

The Talking Drum Incorporated*
Tolentine Zeiser (Bronx, NY)
University of Mary Washington Homelessness and Human Rights Research Group (VA)

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (Cambridge, MA)
Urban Justice Center (New York, NY)
Urban Pathways (New York, NY)
Vermont Workers Center
Vivian’s Angels (Atlanta, GA)
Waking the Village: Tubman House (Sacramento, CA)
Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless ( DC)*
Welcome Home Coalition (Portland, OR)
Western Center on Law & Poverty (CA)
Western Regional Advocacy Project (OR, CO, CA)*
Young Women’s Freedom Center (San Francisco, CA)
YouthCenter (Seattle, WA)


  • Akins, Sibyl-Michelle
  • Alston, Calvin
  • Alston Toure’, Aleta*
  • Althouse, Phillip
  • Amefia-Koffi, Jorgina
  • Ameen, Eddy
  • Andrade, Paul
  • Ardiente, Maggie
  • Arellano, Chiara
  • Arneri-Matsis, Alexandra
  • Aten, Diane*
  • Aviles, Ann
  • Bailey, Francine
  • Balakrishnan, Radhika
  • Barrett, Joan
  • Beach, Patricia
  • Beal, Grace*
  • Beaty, Anita*
  • Beniquez, Melissa
  • Bensky, Eric
  • Benson, Michael
  • Bernardini, Mario
  • Betts, John
  • Black, Reginald
  • Blatteis, Jacqlyn
  • Blunt, Arnold
  • Boggess-de Bruin, Kai
  • Bond, Kathleen
  • Botello, Stella
  • Bradley, Donna
  • Bramstedt, Nicole
  • Brathwaite, Jacqueline
  • Braxton, David
  • Brayton, Margaret
  • Brewer, Jenifer*
  • Brown, Candace
  • Brown, Danielle
  • Brown, Jessica
  • Burchfield, Laurel
  • Burnes, Donald
  • Burns, Terence
  • Busk, Bill
  • Canessa, Stella
  • Cardosi, Teresa
  • Carrizales, Joey
  • Carruth, Tara
  • Carter, Ele
  • Carter, Lorne
  • Casson, Diane-Louise
  • Chaffee, Karen
  • Chambers, La Juana
  • Clanton, Kirsten*
  • Cline, Jennifer
  • Clingham, Megan
  • Clevenger, Jenny
  • Cohn, Kali
  • Colin, Guadalupe
  • Conner, Ava
  • Cooper, Joshua
  • Cooper, Joy
  • Cortese, Talia
  • Costigan Krueger, Linda
  • Cox, George
  • Crookshank, Matt
  • Dacosta, Agnes
  • Dale, Brandon
  • Damp, Donald
  • Davis, Alease
  • Davis, Maurice
  • Davis, Tanya
  • Davis, Thorney
  • Day, Alice
  • Day, Jayme
  • Day, Lincoln
  • DeBone, Lisa
  • Demos, Stephanie
  • Denson, Charles
  • Deputy, Danielle
  • Diaz, Alexis
  • Dickerson, Deborah
  • DiPietro, Jessica
  • Dixon, Leah
  • Donley, Michael
  • Dorsky, Gayle
  • Dostert, Carol*
  • Dougherty, Bob
  • Dougherty, Katharine
  • Downes, Rick
  • DuBois, Kimberly
  • Edelman, Meredith
  • Ekeberg, Erin
  • Elie, Kirt
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  • Gale, Patricia
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  • Ganapathy, Nataraj
  • Ganem, Pixie
  • Gevurtz, Steve
  • Gilbert White, DeBorah*
  • Gillcrist, David
  • Gilmour, Dani*
  • Goettel, Carly
  • Gordon, Remy
  • Gorley, Rebecca
  • Graham, Christina
  • Graham, Etta
  • Gray, Stevi
  • Greytak, Emily
  • Guerrero, Willia
  • Hankins, Gary
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  • NYC Council Member Stephen Levin
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  • Wright, Barbara
  • Wright, Margaret
  • Wright, Patricia
  • Wlodarek, Desiree
  • Young, Lauren
  • Yungman, Jeff
  • Zawoluk, Alice

*Campaign initiators

As of August 16, 2017